Cleaning Services

There are many types of cleaning. Unlike some Services, we don’t try to offer every service under the sun. We are good at the cleaning services we provide. Some things are left to specialty companies. We don’t clean carpets and generally don’t do exterior windows. We are, however, networked with experts in those fields. We would be glad to refer them to you.

We offer the following cleaning services..

House Cleaning:

Residential customers love coming home after we’ve been there with the peace of mind knowing we were there on time and out of thier way.

Office Cleaning:

Accountants crunch numbers, Attorneys file motions, Banks transfer Money! They don’t have time to fool with the mundane chore of cleaning. They count on us!

Move in/out Cleaning:

Moving out and need to get your deposit back? We can help. Bought a new home and want it cleaned before bringing in all your furniture and belongings? We can help with that too.

Commercial Building Cleaning

Accountants crunch numbers, Attorneys file motions, Banks transfer Money! They don’t have time to fool with the mundane chore of cleaning. They count on us!

Specialty Cleaning

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are staffed well enough to clean the most important places. Not just ANY company can fill the needs of a busy Sorority House full of multiple personalities and energy levels. We are also trusted with Historic Homes with priceless items and history.

Pressure Washing:

We offer exterior cleaning too! Our sister company, First Choice Power Washing LLC, handles the exterior cleaning for us.


Our prices are based on the home or business, on what we feel it will take to properly maintain your residence. In other words, quality and helping you with clutter is more important to us. There are a lot of cleaning companies here in Lexington, KY. However, we are a family owned company that CARES about our CUSTOMERS and EMPLOYEES.

If you have never hired a cleaning service before or maybe you are tired of paying nothing and getting nothing, we encourage you to just try our service.

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